Who We Are And How We Can Help You

Cherry Building Company specialises in accomplishing demanding projects, which require committed and highly skilled employees. In fact, most of our tradespeople are also employees of Cherry Building Company, so you can be sure to not only receive the finest service and results, but you can also be assured that one of our trusted employees will always be on your site. Our team have a prominent sense of responsibility for the quality of all our projects. Cherry Building Company built its first home in 1980 and since then, it has built and renovated over 300 homes for our valued clients.

The owner and managing director of Cherry Building Company is Paul Cherry. Paul was motivated to become a builder due to his love of working in a practical way and the rewarding results this
produced, such as being able to provide a client with their dream home, knowing it has been built diligently to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Paul began working in the building industry in 1976 when he started his apprenticeship with Graham Thompson. Since then, Paul’s passion for building and renovating for his clients has flourished and he now leads a team consisting of a building designer, a construction manager, a bricklayer, carpenters, apprentice carpenters and labourers.